2018 TIME ATTACK Ford Mustang GT

In order to stay within the GridLIFE Stock GT class we were limited in the upgrades we could make. However, this gave us the opportunity to build a daily driver that not only looks good on the street but also performs at the track.

Upgrades include: Ford PP2 front splitter, Cervinis upper and lower grille, Ford Racing front tow hook, custom front splitter supports, Anderson Composites Carbon Fiber heat extractor hood with heat lining and Aerocatch hood pins. Wheels are SVE bronze 19x10 and 19x11 staggered with Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R tires. A GT350 carbon fiber rear spoiler and tinted lenses throughout finish off exterior modifications. Recaro racing seats help keep us planted around the track when the Fortune Auto adjustable coil overs are in full stiffness mode. Finally, to make some additional power and make it sound like a true Mustang, we added 2M long tube headers connected to a catless custom 3" stainless exhaust and MBRP mufflers.


The GridLIFE Stock GT class allows us to run a single way adjustable aftermarket coil over suspension package. We installed and tuned a set of Fortune Auto 500 Series Coil Overs which helped drop over 2 seconds from our best lap at Road Atlanta

461 RWHP

Stock 2018 Mustang Coyote engines make power on their own, we just freed up the exhaust and intake to let it breath a little better. On pump gas, non E85, we made 461 at the rear wheels with our 10 speed automatic


Since we're competing in a "stock" class, we have to run "stock" aero. Fortunately Ford has done some research and we were able to leverage the spoiler from a GT350 as well as a chin spoiler from the Performance Package 2 to increase down force for better handling

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