1990 RESTOMOD BMW E30 LS2 Swap

Our goal with this build was to take an E30 BMW with 260,000+ miles and turn it into a fully restored daily driver which would turn heads wherever it went. But looks alone are not the goal, which is why this project received a complete LS2 Corvette engine and drivetrain. The list of work here is to great to list, from the smallest HVAC blower resistor, to creating a custom shifter lever for stock appearance, to the oval 3" custom fabricated exhaust which helps maintain the most ground clearance, this car is better than the day it left the show room floor.

Base Car

1990 BMW E30 with 260,000 miles, including most recent use as a NASA racing car.


LS2 with a T56 from a Corvette donor. Custom driveshaft, motor mounts, long tube headers, full 3" oval exhaust.


Every panel was sanded down, primed, wet sanded, and prepped for vinyl wrap. Any imperfections were fixed.

Interior Refresh

Every inch of the interior has been refurbished. We converted the aging tan interior to black and grey, including new Sparco seats, steering wheel, center console, door pieces, & sourcing a complete back seat.

Interior Upgrade

As with most BMW E30s, the dash was severely cracked so we addressed that when renewing the carpet, panels, and other interior pieces.


Since this is a daily driver, we upgraded the front and rear package tray speakers along with the installation of a new stereo to provide modern audio output.


A modern BMW needs modern lights. Front housings are new and beams were converted to HID, all interior lamps and rear taillights are now using LED.


One of the biggest changes was the move to a Fortune Auto coil over suspension and upgrading everything to E36 5-lug front and rear as well as brand new upgraded brakes, lines, and associated parts.

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