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East10 Drift ZMax

What an awesome end to a great season. 2017 was all about learning how the car had changed as a result of the newfound power and suspension. Being able to put down all the power meant the Maxxis 295/40/18 tires didn't stand a chance, however, they did produce some great smoke and even more grip.

Drift the Hurricane

The great thing about drifting is that it doesn’t stop if the rain comes. When the hurricane took a turn off the coast during Fall Moves at Clubloose, that didn’t stop it from drenching the track. Fortunately for us, that meant nothing more than saving on tires and a good opportunity to practice throwing the car in as backwards as possible.

Summer Moves 

Once again had a blast with the Clubloose crew at summer moves. Even had the chance to tandem with up and comer Brian and his sweet/clean fox body Mustang. Always good to see additional American Muscle representing in the drift scene.

American Muscle Feature Video

Chris Allen and his 3V Turbo Mustang GT have been lighting up the track in the Pro-AM series for the past few seasons and really making a name for himself! His Bama Peformance Tuned beast is set up perfectly for his current class. Thanks to a ton of parts from he’s able to be really competitive! Starting with the turbo kit, to the SR Performance Coilovers, AM wheels and much more.

2015 NJMP SCCA Tire Rack Track Night 

The DriftLogix team decided to take a break from drifting and head out to join SCCA/Tire Rack for one of their Track Night in America events. 

You can see us chasing down a number of cars in the intermediate group and even Tyson brought out his Cobra. Listen to that Garrett!